Согласие на рассылку

By filling out the subscription forms on the site https://logisticos.org/ , you agree to project privacy policy , as well as other provisions:

1. The subscriber gives unlimited consent to the processing of all personal data provided by https://logisticos.org/

2. The subscriber does not mind receiving email notifications from https://logisticos.org/

3. The Subscriber does not object to receiving email notifications of an advertising nature about upcoming promotions, changes in the project, other events of possible interest to the Subscriber.

4. The subscriber can refuse the newsletter of the project https://logisticos.org/ at any time, if desired, by contacting the site administration through the «Contacts» section and asking to remove his e-mail address from our subscription database.

After the administration of the site https://logisticos.org/ receives such a request, the e-mail address will be deleted from the database within 48 hours, about which the subscriber will be notified additionally.