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Your trusted source for shipping data from major exporting countries: Russia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Romania and Bulgaria

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We understand how important it is for all the participants of international commercial operations to be informed and also to have the possibility to analyze the results of the things that were before, to see what we have now and to make right forecast about the things to come. Our platform will help you with this, because we daily and painstakingly collect information for you on shipments in all ports of the largest exporting countries

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Logistic OS is a daily monitoring of cargo transshipment in all ports of Russia, careful gathering of primary information, study and addition of missing data, which provides, in general, the completeness and reliability of the displayed information


The cargoes are handled by the platform

2 429

Exporters cooperate with us

79 000+

Shipments in the database


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There is a database on the Logistic OS platform for different cargo categories

Processed Data

In order to save your time, we developed features to process the existing data

Daily Data Updating

Only daily monitoring of data on ports allows us to show you reliable information

Global Network

Connecting new international markets based on the Logistic OS platform will expand your horizons


Monitoring of daily commodities movement in Russian ports. Working with database for Russian export of agricultural goods



Statistical ratings of cargoes. More than 115 the cargoes are handled by the platform



Statistical ratings of ports. More than 60 Russian ports are included in the database

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