Ready for harvest strada 2020

In the regional capital, as well as throughout the Kuban, they completed preparations for harvesting. What are the forecasts?

Krasnodar, being the capital of the region, remains one of the most unique agro-cities — this is the only municipality in Russia that has successfully implemented a specialized agrarian program aimed at developing the agricultural sector in the city’s economy for many years.

In addition, it is surrounded by agricultural land with an area of ​​45.6 thousand hectares, on which 17 agricultural enterprises, 531 farms, and about 16 thousand personal subsidiary farms function.

From year to year, Krasnodar remains the leader in the region in terms of the yield of grain, vegetables and fruits.

This year, farmers have to cultivate 25.5 thousand hectares. For this purpose, 81 combine harvesters, 20 grain cleaning machines, 16 grain dryers, 46 grain loaders have already been prepared.

Agricultural storages are also ready for harvesting: warehouses with a volume of 23.9 thousand tons, indoor currents of 36.8 thousand tons, open currents — 4 thousand tons.


This year, farmers do not expect an ultra-high grain yield, but the mood is generally positive: many believe that the upcoming agricultural year will be a record for the last 10-15 years.

So, for example, the gross harvest of grain in the country as a whole is expected to be around 124 million tons — these are the data of the Rusagrotrans analytical center.

Russian wheat will become highly competitive in the world market due to the devaluation of the ruble. In addition, freight will also become cheaper, which will be the second link in strengthening Russia’s position in the world market.

Experts expect an increase in the share of Russian wheat exports in countries where this figure is below 50%.

Of course, the quality of the supplied grain plays an important role in this matter: for example, Turkey, which purchases about 40% of Russian grain, is not so demanding on the protein content. But such countries as Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa, and Israel are interested in buying a high-quality product.

Therefore, Russian farmers continue to increase the share of investments in innovative technologies and seed fund.