Railways continues to increase discounts on rail transportation

One of the most severe “coronavirus” attacks was taken by the railway industry.

The global trend of falling demand for transportation due to the complete or partial stoppage of various types of business due to quarantine measures has led to a decrease in the volume of cargo transportation both within the country and abroad.

According to experts, the percentage reduction in traffic during this period reached 70-75%. In this situation, companies simply had nothing and no one to carry.

Today, the gradual lifting of restrictions around the world is gradually leading to the normalization of the work of this sector of the economy.

Russian Railways Holding makes every effort to increase the attractiveness of rail transportation for certain types of raw materials and goods.

Back in January 2020, the company lost about 5% in loading. This was a continuation of the 2019 trends in reducing coal consumption in Europe. In addition, coal prices in the first half of last year fell to a three-year low, and it simply became unprofitable to carry it. And the abnormally warm winter of 2019-2020. not added demand.

Thus, by the time of the active spread of coronavirus in the world, Russian Railways was already reviewing its pricing policy and provided discounts on coal transportation in a western direction in order to minimize its losses.


A continuation of the measures taken to attract additional cargo was a further reduction in rates.

So, for example, the discount on grain transportation to the ports of the Caspian Sea can reach 38%. Carriers will be able to use this service from July 1, 2020. Until July 1, 2021

In addition, the tariffs for the transportation of certain goods over short distances within the Russian Federation can reach 50%.

The rules of discounts are as follows:

— 25% discount will be applied for transportation of non-ferrous metal raw materials, sulfur raw materials, building bricks, mineral construction products.
A prerequisite — from the point of departure to the point of arrival should not be more than 300 km.

— A 50% discount will be valid for goods of the second and third tariff plans for a distance of up to 720 km inclusive.

It is in this group that grain transportation falls. In addition to it, the grid included cars, spare parts, furniture, sugar, meat, vegetables and fruits, etc.

Additional discounts of 20.4% will be provided for transportation in refrigerated containers to China.

This list includes fish, meat, vegetables, other food and industrial products, chemicals, groupage, machinery and equipment.

All tariffs will begin to operate from July 1 until the end of 2020, without fixing the volume of traffic with warranty.