Olive oil produced in Russia becomes a reality

For the first time in Russia and in the world, Crimean scientists began planting olives in protected ground.

Modern humanity can no longer imagine such a picture as the absence of olive oil on store shelves. There is it in Russia, and in considerable quantities.

Since ancient times, olive oil has been considered a gift from the gods, a natural medicine that nature itself has given us.

Unfortunately, today, in Russia, olive oil is not produced, but only bottled.

This is due primarily to the fact that olive trees are very whimsical, even a short cooling period can lead to the death of the entire crop.

But there are places in Russia where olives can grow and bear fruit — this is the southern peninsula of Crimea.

In the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, for example, grows the oldest olive in the Crimea, whose age is 2000 years old.

But because of its small area on the peninsula, these trees cannot be planted on an industrial scale.

And the rest of the southern coast of Crimea, for example, or the Krasnodar Territory is unsuitable due to weather conditions.

But scientists of the Crimean Federal University named after Vernadsky decided to show the whole world that olives can be grown in moderate climatic conditions .

Back in October 2019, University staff received a test batch of olive oil from the fruits of trees growing in open ground.


What is the difficulty of such a cultivation?

When these trees are planted in the usual way, they are planted far enough from each other, the root system grows widely, and the development of the tree literally goes to the roots.

Therefore, the appearance of fruits can be expected only after 12-15 years.

KFU scientists decided to plant the olive in uncomfortable conditions for it: at a small distance from each other, which will force the tree to focus its efforts on fruiting.

Thus, the first crop can be obtained after 5 years.

The second problem that Crimean scientists solved was planting in closed ground, that is, in greenhouse conditions, because the cultivation of frost-resistant olive seeds is a very difficult process.

The first greenhouse with an area of ​​1 hectare is being prepared for launch in the Simferopol district in the village of Little.

Irrigation and energy supply systems are being commissioned, and laying will be done in the fall of 2020.

What is interesting about this project?

Of course, scientists themselves do not plan to grow olive on an industrial scale.

Their goal is to create a project ready for launch, which will give all the recommendations for choosing seedlings, caring for them, harvesting and, ultimately, producing high-quality olive oil.

The cultivation of olives in greenhouse conditions is quite a costly process, and here we must not forget that in Greece, Spain, Tunisia — the world’s largest producers of this product, no one sets a greenhouse.

And its payback will be a little longer, but it will be, and there is a sufficient amount of land in the Crimea and Krasnodar Territory suitable for such landings.

And someone from modern farmers may become the first in Russia industrial producer of the highest quality olive oil.