Finished first and with fewer losses than expected

The harvest campaign has been completed in the Kuban.

The farmers have harvested 9.4 million tons, including 8 million tons of wheat.

Compared to last year, when the harvesting results were a record 11.1 million tonnes, today’s result is only 15% less.

Often Soviet newspapers were full of headlines «Battle for the harvest», and so this year for the harvest in the Kuban, and throughout Russia, really was a battle.

Frost and drought damaged crops on more than 880 thousand hectares, and on 54 thousand hectares they simply died. In a number of areas, an emergency regime was introduced.

The most optimistic forecasts spoke of a possible 20 percent loss.

Experts talked about the estimated yield in the region of 39-40 centners per hectare — as a result, they harvested 40.3 centners per hectare, and wheat — 49.4 centners per hectare.

And most importantly, we managed not to lose the quality of grain: 86% of the surveyed 5 million tons — 2, 3 and 4 classes.

A huge contribution to the safety of the crop was made by scientists who literally manually examined each field, assessed the state of the crops and selected schemes for saving the harvest.

The Krasnodar Territory has historically been the main focus of attention during the harvest, because it is the region that is considered the “breadbasket” of Russia.

And the results obtained so far indicate that both the region and the domestic market will be provided with bread, and the farmers of the region will fulfill all export obligations.


Harvesting across the country is in full swing — according to its results, the Rostov region is approaching the Krasnodar Territory: by July 21, 8.6 million tons of grain were harvested there, more than 75% of the harvested area was threshed.

The average grain yield corresponds to the level of the previous year — 33.8 centners per hectare. More than 94% of the examined wheat is of 3rd and 4th grade.

Further behind the leaders is the Stavropol Territory, one of the most affected by drought and frost.

So far, 5.15 million tons of grain have been harvested, with an average yield of 25.9 centners per hectare (in 2019 — 34.6 centners per hectare).

And although earlier the region was predicted to lag 40% from the results of the previous year, now it is only 21%.

Kochubeevsky and Piedmont municipal districts harvested 100% food grain. In several other districts this figure was 90%.

Following the southern regions, other regions are joining the harvesting company, and many, due to the weather, much earlier than usual.

The Omsk Region began harvesting a month earlier, because of this, experts expect a drop in yield by 30% — if the grain had stood longer, it would have completely filled up. But due to drought, you have to remove it much earlier.

But 2.5 million tons of grain have already been threshed — in 2019 the region harvested 3 million tons.

The Novosibirsk Region was also forced to start cleaning 10 days earlier — from July 23, an emergency regime was introduced here due to drought.

A similar regime has been introduced in the Chelyabinsk Region, Altai Territory and Kalmykia.

The National Union of Agricultural Insurers estimated the possible losses of all regions due to a shortage of crops at 40 billion rubles.