New features of Logistic OS

Our analytical platform begins to open access to export data in international markets.

Now, in addition to Russian ports, program users have the ability to analyze and process data for different countries.

The first country connected to the platform was Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine have been competing for several years in grain supplies to world markets.

For example, they are frequent opponents in the auctions held by Egypt.

In both countries, Egypt ranks second in the ranking of importing countries.

Now this and other analytics on exports of both Russia and Ukraine can be analyzed by users of the platform Logistic OS .

In applications «Line-up», «Ports», «Export Data», «Cargoes» , «Ratings» and «Destinations» a drop-down list appeared in the upper toolbar, where you can select a country: Russia or Ukraine.

In order to select a country, you must click on the arrow in the upper left corner of the tree and select the required line in the list that opens.

(Example from Line-up app)

(Example from Cargo app)

The list of countries will gradually expand, which will be announced later.