Grain export market

We analyze the dynamics of grain export shipments from 01 to 10.09.2020 based on the data of the platform Logistic OS.

The shipping season is in full swing, exporters are increasing volumes amid a record harvest and rising wheat prices.

TOP 10 ports

Novorossiysk is still in the lead.

TOP 10 exporters

Trading House “Rif” has significantly increased its positions in comparison with the last year: growth of 43.8%.

Aston JSC just made a breakthrough: growth of 116.2% allowed it to rightfully take the second place in the rating.

But the composition of the rest of the three has completely changed, displacing the luminaries of the first «five».

01.09 — 10.09.2019

TOP 10 importing countries in September

Three leaders:

Turkey — 290,731 tons (18.15%)

Egypt — 281,903 tons (17.6%)

Bangladesh — 119,094 tons (7.44%)

(Please note that the information is operational, the data is still being processed, so the numbers may change slightly).

In principle, there were no cardinal changes in the leaders compared to last year, with the exception of the supply volumes.

Turkey — 279,586 tons (24.32%)

Egypt — 215 384 tons (18.74%)

Bangladesh — 231 670 tons (18.59%)

Even without taking into account the possible correction of the data, it is clearly evident that Turkey and Egypt have already exceeded the level of the last year by 3.98% and 30.8%, respectively.

While Bangladesh is showing a clear tendency to fall: — 48.59%.

In total for the period from 01.09.20 to 10.09.20 Russia exported 1,750 thousand tons of grain, which is 24.6% more than the same period last year.

Analytics based on Ratings application.