More and more automatic points of weight and size control appear in Russia

Since April 1, 4 more such points have been launched in the Krasnodar Territory. However, so far — in test mode.

Last week, automatic checkpoints appeared on the following routes:




«Tikhoretsk — White Clay — the border of the Rostov region» .

In general, the Ministry of Transport has big plans for such points.

It is planned that by the end of 2024 there will be at least 366 of them in the country, and by the end of 2030 — at least 598. So far, however, there are only 193 of them (in 43 different regions).

The essence of the automatic point of weight and dimensional control is that the vehicle’s weight and its parameters (length, width, height) are measured while driving.

This significantly speeds up the process, prevents «queues» and the associated traffic jams.

What’s new with automatic checkpoints?


To date, a whole set of rules has already been developed that such items must comply with.

— It is obligatory to have an electronic scoreboard, and in the zone after the control one. The driver must be able to find out the result.

— After the appearance of a new checkpoint, he is obliged to work in test mode for 3 months, that is, not to write out fines, but only to inform about violations.

— Transport must pass through the control zone at a permissible speed, without stopping and maneuvering, with readable numbers.

— There must be a sign warning about it at least 50 meters before the checkpoint.

It is interesting that the initiative of introducing automatic checkpoints is supported by the businessmen themselves, who order transportation. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for them to receive «letters of happiness» with notifications of fines with great delays when the flight is long over.

And the driver never found out that he had an overload. The new rules change everything: if the scoreboard shows an overload, the driver will have to stop at the nearest permitted place and eliminate the overload.

True, how exactly he should do this — for example, leave part of the valuable cargo under the first oncoming Christmas tree — the legislator does not explain.

It is planned that the points opened in the Krasnodar Territory will not fine anyone until June 30 inclusive.

During this time, motorists will have to get used to them and to avoid overloads.