Several companies are fighting for the oil extraction complex «Volzhsky Terminal»

The largest complex of the Solnechnye Products company has been trying to go bankrupt and sell under the hammer for several months.

Time passes, but passions are only heating up.

Volzhsky Terminal is quite a tasty morsel for many companies in the agro-industrial complex. The complex was launched in 2014 and has, among other things, a creamery capable of producing 765 tons of oil per day .

As well as its own elevator complex and terminal with access to the Caspian and Mediterranean basins.

In other words, the complex makes it possible to produce and immediately ship oil for sale. The facility is located in the Saratov region.

Problems with the complex, as well as the Solnechnye Products company in general (it includes three MZhK, three oil extraction plants, including this one, elevators and agricultural lands) began at least in 2018.

Then the company’s debt to Rosselkhozbank exceeded 34 billion rubles.

The situation was saved by Rusagro: it bought out the debt from the bank and invested its money in Solnechnye Products, but at the same time received a significant part of the ownership rights to the facilities of this company.

Currently, when Volzhsky Terminal is declared bankrupt and put up for auction, Rusagro is the most obvious of its potential owners in the future.

However, the final battle for the complex looks set to be hot.

Who is applying for Volzhsky Terminal?

There are at least two more companies:



Aston is a very large exporter of vegetable oils, its creameries produce up to 330 thousand tons of oil per year.

Having received the Volzhsky Terminal, the company could have increased production volumes even more.

By the way, most of Aston’s facilities are located in the south of the Russian Federation, but they are not yet in the Volga region. By purchasing this complex, the company would “win” several new regions at once.

Bio-tone is also showing interest, as it is now thinking about how to process sunflower seeds on its own.

As for Rusagro , it is one of the largest companies in the agro-industrial complex in Russia, which occupies a leading position in the production of vegetable oil and margarines in Russia.

Most likely, Rusagro intended to simply “appropriate” the Volzhsky Terminal, taking into account its rights to the property of Solnechnyi Products.

But it did not work: FAS began to receive applications from other companies, which are ready to come to the auction.

It was originally planned that it will be held on April 6, but the dates were postponed again.

The starting selling price is 2.8 billion rubles. But what will be the final one depends on the desire of the applicant companies to win in this fight.