Buckwheat in Russian stores will rise in price

There is every reason to expect that in the near future it may rise in price by 15%.

Most of the large chain stores have already received commercial offers from manufacturers for the purchase of buckwheat groats at higher prices than before.

Basically, retailers are still being interrupted by the stocks that they still have in warehouses.

But this cannot go on forever, at some point you will have to agree to purchases at high prices.

Consequently, the Russians will also receive a stronger blow to the wallet the next time they come to the store for buckwheat.

What is the reason for the buckwheat price rise?


A buckwheat crop failure would explain everything, but it was not. In 2020, 893 thousand tons of this crop were harvested in Russia, which is 13.6% more than a year earlier.

Nevertheless, buckwheat is becoming more expensive. Only for April 19-23, the price of a ton has still risen: from 65 to 67 thousand rubles.

Why the price is going up, most experts do not understand.

Either the producers of buckwheat or cereals have already sold everything, or they are “holding back”, or they are selling for export.

According to statistics, over the past season up to 220 thousand tons of buckwheat and buckwheat went abroad.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is concerned about the current situation and has already asked retailers to send it detailed information on the dynamics of changes in food prices.

How to stop the rise in price of buckwheat?


The Ministry of Agriculture is already preparing a «shoulder blow», namely the introduction of export duties, which are already in effect on wheat, rapeseed, soybeans, sunflower and other goods.

And also, possibly, quotas. However, such an initiative is still being considered.

Another measure (and much more attractive for producers) should be an increase in the acreage for buckwheat in the beginning of the season.

It is planned that, taking into account the high current selling price, there should be a lot of people willing to engage in «buckwheat production».

And if a bountiful harvest is collected, then there will be a surplus — and prices will naturally creep down.

Therefore, the main thing that is worth hoping for today is that prices will not have time to make a leap upward before the new harvest.