The Union of Grain Exporters will change the work of the Russian market

Head of the Union Eduard Zernin said that the process of developing new rules is currently underway. The first version of the project will be provided in September.

According to him, the need for reforms has already matured to a large extent.

On the one hand , Russia today has become a very large player in the international grain market.

On the other hand, — the internal institutional structure of its market has not yet been established. And this stops development.

It is in order to solve such a problem that reforms are required.

What exactly does the Union of Grain Exporters plan to change?



One of the first steps is to formalize all interactions between participants.

For this, uniform rules, platforms and standard contracts must be created. This will increase the transparency of the market.

Secondly, to increase transparency, it is planned to launch CPT purchase price indices in the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin .

This will make prices more predictable and transparent, will help protect honest market participants from manipulators who change the price in their own interests in order to profit from speculation.

Finally, the most important point is determining what volume of products is required by the domestic Russian market and how much can be exported .

Inconsistency on this issue leads to what we have seen in the last year: the introduction of all kinds of quotas and duties that impede exports.

“The practice of recent years has shown that if we forget about the domestic market, then there will be no export either,” Eduard Zernin believes.

It is assumed that the preparation of the reform project will take into account the experience of both members of the Russian Union of Exporters and international experience.

If the project is ready by September, then there will be long discussions and discussions.

The process will not be quick due to the fact that for the full-fledged implementation of the reform, most likely, legislative adjustments will also be required.

Therefore, under the new rules, the market will be able to fully earn not earlier than in five years.