Analytical platform Logistic OS. Grain export data: Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria

Getting to know the program’s capabilities. Part 2.

Read part 1: Introduction to the program

Since the foundation of the platform, we have set ourselves the task of connecting other exporting countries so that, over time, the project partners can analyze the global grain export market more holistically.

Since January 2021, the project Logistic OS began broadcasting data for such countries as Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania.

In the modules Line-Up , Export Data , Ratings , Ports, Cargoes, Destinations </ strong > a window has appeared with the option to select a specific country.

In order to get data on the country the user needs, click on the «Russia» button in the upper left corner of the desktop and select the block of interest in the drop-down window («Russia» is used by default in the program).



The data will change automatically.

An example is shown using the LineUp , module, the rest of the modules use the same principle.



Project partners with full access can switch from one country to another at any time.

More details about the functionality of the platform modules can be found here

To get free trial access for 1 month, follow the link .