Grain harvesting completed in the Stavropol Territory

More than 8.5 million tons of grain harvested. The average yield was 38 centners per hectare.

Traditionally, the cultivation of grain is one of the largest branches of agriculture in the region, which provides half of the proceeds and 60% of the profits from the sale of agricultural products in the region.

The regional budget is also mostly formed from tax revenues from grain production and the sale of grain products: on average, about 11 billion rubles are received by the regional treasury in the form of taxes and fees per year.

The harvest this year exceeded the results of 2020 by 63% (the gross harvest in 2020 lean year was 5.2 million tons with an average yield of 26.1 centners per hectare).

87% of the received grain is food.

Wheat grade 3 — 40%

Wheat grade 4 — 47%

Feed grain — 13%.

The region’s own needs are 2.6 million tons of grain, the rest will be sold mainly for export.

It must be said that export shipments of grain account for 40% of the export of the entire region. Then there are meat and dairy products, food and processing industry products, fat and oil products.

The region’s lack of access to the sea and borders with neighboring states is not an obstacle to expanding the geography of exports: at the moment, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory interacts with 252 exporters.

In 2019, the region exported products to 50 countries, in 2020 — already to 67.

In value terms, the export of products in 2020 amounted to $ 405.98 million.

New directions are opened:

Angola, Congo, Tanzania, Haiti — supplies of poultry meat

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia — grain supply

Afghanistan — supplies of cereals and sugar.

Leading countries — importers of Stavropol grain: Azerbaijan (more than 30% of the region’s exports), China (18%), Georgia (8%).

The entire harvested crop will be located at the regional grain-receiving enterprises: at the same time it is possible to store up to 10 million tons of grain and oilseeds.