EFKO Group announced the results of the last season

The company has regained leadership in the export of vegetable oils.

EFKO is one of the largest food companies in the country, producing sunflower oil, mayonnaise and sauces, margarines and fats.

In addition, EFKO is the company that has built the only private port on the Black Sea.

Last year, Efko Group’s plants processed 2 million tons of oilseeds. Sunflower made up half of the volume, soybean second in terms of processing volume. The share of rapeseed is growing.

Over the past year, EFKO has modernized five plants: two plants in Alekseevka, Belgorod Region, Lipetsk plant Liboy and two oil extraction plants in Krasnodar Region.

This allowed the company as a whole to increase its oil processing capacity up to 10 thousand tons per day.

In general, the refining capacity of the enterprise has grown to 3.5 million tons per year.

According to the executive director of the group of companies Sergey Ivanov, only scaling up the oil processing business can bring real profit.

Moreover, each plant must process at least 2 thousand tons of oilseeds per day.

Sergei Ivanov admitted that he has no idea how small processors survive.

Own port, trading, modern powerful factories, the ability to constantly reduce costs in comparison with colleagues — even all this does not allow us to have a profitability of tens of percent.

In the past season, high purchase prices and agreements on fixing prices for sunflower oil significantly reduced margins.

Export duties were introduced too late, says Sergei Ivanov. Most of the raw materials by this time had already been exported abroad.

But since September the situation looks more stable in the domestic market. The balance should be brought about by the export duty on sunflower oil, which will bring the price of sunflower into line with the price of vegetable oil on the shelf.