Sugar production will increase in Russia

Despite the decline in the quality of the new crop of sugar beets, it is likely that Russian sugar factories will produce even more products than in the previous season.

At present, the harvesting of sugar beets in the Russian Federation and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is almost complete.

For example, in Russia on November 22, 984.5 thousand hectares were harvested, which is about 98% of all sown areas in the country.

40.1 million tons of sugar beets were harvested. This is significantly more than in the previous season (33.3 million tons).

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that the sugar beets of the new harvest are of lower quality. Accordingly, its sugar yield is less by about 5.5%.

To date, Russian sugar factories have already produced at least 3.8 million tons of sugar.

Belarus has also largely finished harvesting.

This year, 3.97 million tons of sugar beets were harvested in the republic. The yield also decreased compared to the previous season: 470.5 centners per hectare instead of 494.9 in 2020.

The situation is similar in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. There, the yield fell immediately by a quarter .

The main reason was bad weather conditions: drought and frost.

Such data are provided by the analytical service of Soyuzrossahar.

Forecasts for sugar production in Russia have increased


According to Agribusiness, in the 2021-2022 marketing year, sugar consumption is expected to increase worldwide, mainly due to China, India and Russia.

However, global sugar production is expected to be no worse than in previous seasons. It is very likely that it will fall in Brazil, but chances are that the Russian Federation, the EU, India and Thailand will produce more of it than usual.

Currently, according to the forecast, at least 6.55 million tonnes of sugar is expected to be produced in Russia.

This is 16.4% more than in the previous season. Moreover, when compared with the May forecast, now the expectations for Russia have increased by 7.4%.

Six months ago, experts expected the Russian Federation to produce no more than 6.1 million tons of sugar.

If everything goes according to plan, then Russia’s internal need for sugar (6.249 million tons) will be fully satisfied.

Moreover, it will remain even for export. He, according to experts, in the new season may amount to approximately 395 thousand tons.