Russian farmers are exploring new markets abroad

One of the most important achievements in the development of Russian agricultural exports in 2021 was the expansion of the list of countries to which exports are carried out.

The results of the outgoing year were summed up on December 8 at the session «Russian agroexport 2021-2022: trends, challenges and new opportunities», which was held by the federal center «Agroexport».

The most important step forward was that Russia added 19 more countries to the list of countries-buyers of its agricultural products, to which 53 types of products can now be sent.

The most important buyer this year is the European Union.

There has also been a slight shift in emphasis from Asian countries to Africa and the Middle East.

“The Singapore market for milk, China for beef offal, Egypt for dairy products, etc. has been opened. This allowed us to expand the geography of our presence: this year Russia supplied agricultural products to 161 countries,” said Dmitry Krasnov, head of Agroexport.

Actual trends in the field of agricultural exports today


According to the experts who took part in the event, such trends can be called:

Growth in prices for agricultural products.

Adverse climatic and weather trends that affect yields.

Pandemic-related supply chain disruption.

The protectionist policy of a number of countries, including the introduction of protective barriers against Russia and other exporting countries of agricultural products.

Environmental transformation of the agro-industrial complex.

Diversification. It manifests itself, among other things, in the expansion of the list of countries to which you can supply your products.

During the session, representatives of the expert community discussed most of the sectors of the Russian agro-industrial complex: oil and fat, meat, milk, grain. Great horizons are also opening up in the export of confectionery products.

“Russia has significant advantages due to the breadth of assortment that no other country in the world has.

This width of the matrix of the offered products is one of the criteria for success in foreign markets: neither in Europe nor in China is there such a variety of confectionery products that is produced in Russia, «says Vyacheslav Lashmankin, executive director of the Association of Confectionery Industry Enterprises.

In general, Russia has great opportunities to continue to remain one of the world leaders in the export of agricultural products.

And if she timely responds to current trends and challenges, she has every chance to succeed in this.