Turkey announced the possible development of an agreement on fuel supplies

The planned document should be similar to a «product deal».

We are talking about the delivery of energy resources across the Black Sea.

On July 22, an agreement was signed in Istanbul between the United Nations, Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Turkey on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports: Odessa, Yuzhny and Chernomorsk.

In addition to this document, a memorandum was signed between the UN and Russia to facilitate the access of Russian grain and fertilizers to the world market.

The document is valid for three years.

Obviously, the expected supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets in the amount of about 20 million tons cannot solve the problem of the food crisis.

The export of Russian crops, which, although not subject to direct sanctions, is complicated by restrictions related to operations with Russian grain, ship insurance, calls by Russian ships to foreign ports, and calls by foreign ships to Russian ports.

The task of the UN in this context is to achieve the removal of restrictions on the transportation and trade not only in Ukrainian, but also in Russian fertilizers and grains.

In turn, the United States announced the existence of the so-called plan «B» for the export of Ukrainian grain.

This plan includes road, rail and river transport, as well as barge shipments of grain.

It should be noted that all the ways of solving the export problem indicated in Plan B are already being implemented in one way or another.

At the same time, all analysts are well aware that the export of volumes that they plan to send from Ukraine cannot be carried out without using sea transportation.

The message of the American side’s statement is clearly aimed at the information space of countries that have not yet joined the sanctions against Russia.

Turkey, having become an intermediary in signing an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, plans to be able to purchase grain at a reduced price.

Thus, the country will be able to meet its food procurement needs on terms more comfortable than other countries.

The head of the commission on agriculture of the Turkish parliament does not rule out the possibility of acquiring grain for subsequent export.

According to a statement by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, work on an agreement on the transport of fuel, which should help resolve the global fuel crisis, is already underway.