Russia and Belarus create combines with artificial intelligence

Belarusian company Gomselmash launches production of harvesters with built-in AI

Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. AI (artificial intelligence) for harvesters will be supplied by the Russian company Cognitive Pilot (30% owned by Sberbank).

Representatives of the company note that such cooperation was a very timely decision to create their own product that can replace the products of Western companies that left the Russian Federation and Belarus.

It is emphasized that 90% of the new harvester with artificial intelligence consists of components made in Russia and Belarus.

It is planned that the first Gomselmash combine harvesters equipped with the Cognitive Auto Pilot system will roll off the assembly line in October this year.

What will AI give farmers?


Its main task is to be an assistant to the operator, allowing him to concentrate on quality control of harvesting, and the robot takes over the management of the harvester in many ways.

Including, it is capable of:

Automatically stop in front of an obstacle or area of ​​the field where there is no crop to be harvested

Reduce crop losses by about 10%;

Reduce fuel costs by 5%;

Increase work speed by 25%;

Control the speed and do not go beyond 1 km / h;

Provide accurate edge retention (do not deviate from the course during harvesting);

Reduce the number of incidents related to equipment, extend its service life, reduce the need for repair work;

Reduce the influence of the human factor;

Help in choosing the optimal mode of cleaning;

Analyze past harvesting, draw conclusions, draw up optimal harvesting maps for a particular field for the next season.


In general, all this should help farmers reach a completely new level of quality when harvesting.

And AI will certainly be useful for Gomselmash enterprises in order to increase the competitiveness of their products and the demand for them. After all, this company widely exports its equipment: among the buyers are 17 countries of the world.

As for the Cognitive Pilot company, now there are about 1000 combine harvesters in Russia, which are equipped with robotic assistants for its development.

For her, cooperation with a Belarusian partner can also be a good opportunity to enter foreign markets. Although even now the company is present in the markets of 12 countries, in addition to Russia.

«The serial equipment of Gomselmash combines, which experts called combines of the future, Russian AI is an excellent example of technological cooperation between Russia and Belarus.

After leaving the market of foreign manufacturers of autopilot systems, Belarusian and Russian farmers will be able to get a more advanced domestic technological product of a new generation and world level,» says Olga Uskova, CEO of Cognitive Pilot.