China shifts to tech farming

The agro-industrial complex of the Celestial Empire is striving to ensure that a significant part of farmland has switched to a “high standard”.

This means the active use of high technology, which increases productivity.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the strategic goal in the form of the transition of the national agro-industrial complex to a high level.

So far, this has not been done in all regions, but one can look up to the «leaders» — for example, Jilin Province. There, 50% of the land has already switched to a high standard of farming.

This made it possible, among other things, to obtain a large grain harvest.

For example, in 2021, 40 million tons were collected there, and this makes Jilin province a leader among many other East Asian regions. At the same time, no one is going to stop there — by 2030 the province plans to reach the level of 50 million tons.

By the way, obtaining the status of «high standard land» allows the owner to save up to $ 300 per hectare, not to mention the fact that the yield will be increased by about 10%.

What does the «high standard of farmland» in Chinese include?

Conservation of black soil


In order to carry out work in this direction, Jilin Province has envisaged 38 specific measures and even created a special inter-agency mechanism.

Including, minimal tillage is supposed to reduce its damage. In addition, the straw after harvesting should remain in the fields.

Own seeds


Even 10 years ago, the share of imported seeds accounted for about 70%, and now it is only 2%. This was achieved thanks to the active development of our own Chinese research institutes.

For example, a company that previously offered only 2 varieties of corn has now increased its range to 100 varieties. Up to 30 thousand tons of seed material is collected per year.

All this eventually led to the fact that the yield on Chinese fields increased significantly. By the way, Russia would also do well to borrow the “experience of a friendly country” in order to become independent of seed imports.

Modern agricultural machinery


In Jilin Province, the level of mechanization of agricultural production is the highest, about 93%.

However, it is also high on average in China: over 70%. It is emphasized that smart technology can save labor hours, including the ability to work at night.

There are very technological developments, such as an unmanned harvester that harvests corn, moving along a predetermined route.

Industry Chain Optimization


The field is not everything. Not so long ago, crops were often stored directly in the field, which led to the loss of a significant part of the crop.

Now service centers are being actively built, where products are stored, dried, processed and sold. It also increases the efficiency of all agriculture in general.