The port of Kaliningrad increases the export of grain and oil

The Kaliningrad port took first place in Russia in terms of the rate of shipment of soybean and rapeseed oils, and second place in terms of the rate of shipment of vegetable oils in general.

During the Baltic Grain Assembly, it became known that the Kaliningrad port entered the top in terms of oil shipment volumes.

According to the latest data, in total, 1.9 million tons of oil were shipped from Kaliningrad in 2023. Of these, 77 thousand tons of sunflower, 469 thousand tons of rapeseed and 543 thousand tons of soybean.

The results since the beginning of 2024 are also impressive: over the past months, 202 thousand tons of sunflower oil, 100 thousand tons of rapeseed oil and 313 thousand tons of soybean oil were exported through the port of Kaliningrad.

In general, experts argue that the port of Kaliningrad can be considered one of the main ports for the supply of Russian oil abroad. At the same time, it is soybean and rapeseed oils that are most actively used through it, which are very popular abroad and are practically not in demand on the domestic Russian market.

“The high export volumes of soybean and rapeseed complex products are explained by the presence in the Kaliningrad region of a plant of one of Russia’s leading oilseed processors, Sodrugestvo Group of Companies.

The company’s products form the main export component of the port of Kaliningrad in the oils segment,” notes Agroinvestor, citing its sources.

At the same time, in addition to Kaliningrad, Russian oil is actively exported through ports in the south of Russia, including Taman, Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk.

As for the Kaliningrad region specifically, its potential is explained not only by the presence of a port and processing enterprises, but also by the fact that this region is the largest producer of grains and legumes among the constituent entities of the North-Western District.

The grain surplus, that is, the predominance of production over consumption, is about 300 thousand tons annually in this region, which makes it interesting for foreign buyers.

How is oil export going this season?


Experts note that in 2024, the shipment of agricultural products abroad through the port of Kaliningrad is even faster than expected.

This is due to active demand from foreign buyers for Russian products.

Among the countries where such interest is at its maximum, it is worth noting China, India, Turkey and Egypt. It is noteworthy that all of these are for the most part friendly countries.

At the same time, state regulation of export volumes remains, but at the moment it no longer has a strong impact on the industry.