IntTerra has created an ecosystem to improve the efficiency of farmers

On June 16, an agricultural company IntTerra launched a platform of the same name, which should help farmers increase their productivity.

The price of the issue is about $ 15 million.

This is exactly how much IntTerra attracted to realize its development.

However, it is hoped that these costs can be recouped.

New platform features:

— Consulting leading manufacturers on all issues of choosing seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products.

— IT solutions. This includes specialized software that can be used to automate and digitally transform agribusiness.

For example, to replace paper workflow with EDM.

— Modern technologies that will facilitate the efficient collection and processing of data.

This includes monitoring the fields in real time, as well as a detailed collection of data for each field with the fixation of what time and what technological processes were carried out there.

— Banking services (lending). To obtain loans, one can use, among other things, those data on the company’s assets that are collected using field observation technologies.

What will the implementation of the platform give?


The main effect of the new platform is the automatic collection and analysis of data from each manufacturing company.

Often you have to deal with the fact that the collection of data is either not carried out at all, or they are stored separately, which does not allow for a high-quality analysis.

The new development should solve this issue and increase the efficiency of Russian farmers through the introduction of modern digital technologies.

It is also an opportunity for each manufacturer, after registering on the platform, to immediately access a variety of offers from different suppliers and banks.

As Vitaly Buzu, General Director of IntTerra, noted, thanks to the platform, it will be easier for agricultural producers to find suppliers, and at the same time, competition for customers will greatly increase.

At the same time, suppliers will be able to make more sales, because they will offer personalized solutions and know well what farmers really need.

Overall, it is hoped that such a unified platform will help digitalize those companies that have not yet done so.

As a result, the efficiency of the entire industry should increase, and this can be expected in the near future.