The budget will not pay for the road

The limit of subsidies allocated for the year for the transportation of agricultural products, including for export, has ended.

The ability to obtain transportation subsidies has helped manufacturers in Siberia, Altai and the Volga region reduce their shipping costs to ports for export.

Sunflower and grain producers were especially active in this measure of support.

In the current situation, the cost of logistics increases by 25%, which significantly reduces the profitability of the business. In addition, the calculation of the cost of delivery, as a rule, includes the possibility of obtaining subsidies.

What could this lead to?

First of all, to a decrease in the volume of supplies, and in some cases to a termination.

If last year producers of greenhouse vegetables began to supply products to the EU countries, now the continuation of such cooperation is questionable.

A decrease in the share of Russia in supplies to the markets of China, Vietnam, the Middle East and in terms of short-term contracts is possible.

In 2020, the subsidy limit was exhausted in November, and the amount of compensation amounted to 4.1 billion rubles.

Since 2021, the procedure for obtaining subsidies has been simplified: it has become possible to register a «One Window» in the personal account.

A simpler procedure for obtaining compensations made it possible to satisfy 611 applications for the amount of 3 billion rubles by July 2.

The target for 2021 stood at 6 billion rubles, but 50% of the declared amount was redirected to measures to stabilize food prices on the domestic market.

After July 2, another 72 applications were received from 59 companies in the amount of 197.7 million rubles, which have all the prerequisites to be unsatisfied.

While the companies are calculating the possible losses from not received subsidies, the Ministry of Agriculture has prepared proposals for the redistribution of funds between the activities included in the federal project «Export of Agricultural Products» in order to increase the limits on transport subsidies.