Kuban prepares to harvest rice

According to preliminary data, due to flooding of agricultural land, a total loss of 2% of the crop is expected.

Kuban is the main rice-growing region: more than 70% of the total Russian production is accounted for by enterprises in the Krasnodar Territory.

The harvested crop allows not only to fully provide the Kuban with agriculture, but also to send rice for export: in 2020, over 145 thousand tons of products were exported to neighboring countries.

Every year, nature tests agrarians for strength: either severe droughts, or prolonged torrential rains.

This year, about 12.7 thousand hectares of rice paddies were affected by flooding of agricultural land: 11% of all agricultural crops.

Among the most affected are 18 rice-growing enterprises of the Slavyansk and Temryuk districts.

In total, 118.2 thousand hectares were sown with «white gold» this year. At the moment, the crops are generally in good condition.

Farmers expect to collect at least last year’s level: in 2019 and 2020. 950 thousand tons and 900 thousand tons of rice were harvested, respectively.

In order to start harvesting, the enterprises began technical discharge of water.

The Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, noted that 1.9 thousand units of agricultural machinery will be harvesting rice.

In 2020, rice among Russians took the first place in the share of sales in monetary terms — 42%.

Compared to 2019, sales grew by 16% in value terms, and 4% in volume terms.

In January-February 2021, rice also had a leading position in the share of sales: 41%.

In 2020, despite the abnormal drought, rice growers managed to keep the harvest at the level of 2019.

In addition, manufacturers voluntarily «froze» wholesale prices.

The near future will show how the cost of the new crop will be affected by the widespread increase in the main cost items (fuels and lubricants, electricity, fertilizers, etc.) in 2021.