The first own direct railway route with wheat was sent by «Demetra-Holding»

Rusagrotrans became the operator of the route.

An increase in the share of Russian grain on world markets is becoming a factor that stimulates companies to optimize and develop their logistics infrastructure.

One of the steps in this direction is the creation of conditions for sending grain by block trains.

Such optimization is not only beneficial not only for farmers.

Routing technology allows increasing the turnover of cars, avoiding downtime at junction stations, unloading highways, and significantly reducing the delivery time.

The cost of this type of transportation is lower than wagon transportation. Accordingly, the exporter can reduce his costs.

At the same time, a whole batch of grain is delivered to the port: as a rule, one train can transport 3.5-3.7 thousand tons at once.

Last year, block trains transported more than 1 million tons of grain.

Basically, this type of transportation was used in the Center of Russia, while the southern directions predominantly used road transport.

First of all, this was due to the lack of the necessary loading capacities and shunting equipment at the dispatch stations.

In order to have the possibility of regular dispatch of block trains from the Ipatovsky Bread Products Plant (IKHP), Demetra-Holding is carrying out a large-scale modernization of the IKHP infrastructure.

In 2021, the program includes about 50 million rubles of investments. To date, about 23 million rubles have been spent from the envisaged amount. for the reconstruction of railway tracks.

Demetra-Holding plans to send 8 more block trains from the Ipatovsky KHP in September.

The launch of only one block train, according to the president of the Rustranskom group (RTK) Alexei Gribanov, allows to reduce the load on roads by 100 trucks per day.