Russia maintains sunflower oil exports to friendly countries

The difficult geopolitical situation in the world had little effect on the export of sunflower oil from the Russian regions, in particular the Chernozem region.

For 8 months of 2022, in general, the segment of exports of agricultural products from the black earth regions increased by 16% and amounted to $ 2 billion, a significant share is the supply of sunflower oil abroad.

Over the past year, the price of oil has slightly increased: from $1.3 thousand to $1.4 thousand.

Where do most supplies go?


Geography also has not undergone significant changes. First of all, these are Asia and the CIS countries, as well as the Middle East. Including — India, China, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belarus.

At the same time, the share of European countries in the structure of exports of agricultural products from the black earth regions of Russia has remained relatively small: about 20%.

Let’s help oil producers by abolishing quotas and duties


One of the main problems for the sector today is the restrictions imposed by the state. For example, quotas.

On April 15, it was decided to set limits for oil sales abroad at the level of 1.5 million tons. However, in August another 400 thousand tons were added to this volume.

However, such limits prevent oil producers from realizing their full potential.

However, in fairness, it must be said that the state also takes care of them — for example, with the help of the same quotas, the export of sunflower, a raw material for oil production, was limited abroad.

Thus, the enterprises producing oil were able to fully provide work.

In addition, there are duties that significantly reduce revenues. From September 2021 until the end of August 2023, there is a duty on the export of sunflower oil. It is 50%, but not less than $320 per ton.

The abolition of all these restrictions would be a real gift to buttermakers and would allow the sector to develop further.

But for now, one can only hope that this will happen in the near future, if the restrictions imposed are not extended next year. However, this is not completely certain.

According to experts, all these restrictions are not required, because Russian farmers fully provide the country with their products, including sunflower oil.

If quotas and duties are removed, this will not lead to a shortage within the country, but it will allow companies to significantly increase their revenue, especially given the high world prices that have formed on the market today.

And this is the key to future successful development and entry into new markets.