Agricultural exports from Russia are growing, no matter what

In January-September 2022, the export of agricultural products from Russia increased by about 17%, compared to the same period last year.

This information was shared by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergei Levin.

In particular, the export of oil and fat products increased by 29%, meat and dairy — by 20%.

In absolute terms, Russian agricultural exports in 2022 could reach up to $40 billion, experts say.

At the same time, last year it was at the level of 37 billion, the year before — 30 billion.

This growth should not be surprising.

First, food prices are rising significantly around the world, and this allows you to increase the value of exports even without increasing their physical volume. However, the volume is also growing, since high prices greatly stimulate farmers to increase their production.

Reorientation to friendly countries


It is important that the main buyers basically did not change, it was they who most of all increased the volume of purchases in the Russian Federation.

For example, Turkey bought Russian agricultural products by 30% more than last year, China — by 27%, and India generally doubled this figure.

The experience of the current year has shown farmers that they made the right choice when a few years ago they staked on the development of trade relations mainly with the markets of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Growth Despite Limitations


This year has become difficult for farmers, as well as for many other sectors of the Russian economy. But the problems are still manageable.

“Export growth is observed despite the serious difficulties for foreign trade in general, which have arisen due to the imposition of unlawful sanctions by unfriendly states. First of all, financial and logistical restrictions, restrictions on the operation of our ports and transport companies,” said Levin.

The state supports farmers as best it can.

For example, many enterprises can expect to receive subsidies, while the requirements for this have been reduced.

Experts note that agricultural exports are in the focus of government attention, because in recent years it has become a serious driver for the development of the entire economy and brings significant money to the budget, not to mention food security.

As for Russian exports in general, there are reasons to expect positive dynamics, says Maxim Reshetnikov, head of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Next year, it should slow down the decline in real terms, and then start to grow again, but mainly due to the oil and gas sector. However, farmers could also play their role in this.