Russian farmers will continue to be supported with benefits

As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev noted, this time it is planned to distribute up to 373 billion rubles of support to agricultural producers, last season it was 425 billion rubles.

The head of the department stressed that all those support measures that were in effect earlier will remain now.

In addition, some innovations will be added.

For example, some types of support will be able to receive private household plots (personal subsidiary plots), and not just large enterprises.

Small farms are going to be offered preferential loans for a short period of time, which can be used to purchase raw materials.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture is going to allocate up to 80 billion rubles more for preferential loans to farmers.

For direct support of grain producers — 20 billion, bakery enterprises — 2.35 billion.

It is planned to spend 51 billion rubles on the development of rural areas.

There are also completely new support measures.

For example, farmers who produce cattle will be offered subsidies for every kilogram of young animals. They will also be offered to compensate for the costs incurred for the purchase of equipment necessary for labeling dairy products.

The construction of facilities aimed at the production of feed for aquaculture will also be supported by the state.

Opportunities are also opening up for obtaining soft loans from those who are engaged in the production of clinical nutrition and are building or modernizing facilities for such production.

How will agriculture develop in Russia in the future?


It is planned that all of the above measures will positively affect the development of the agricultural sector in the Russian Federation.

Even at the moment, despite all the difficulties associated with the sanctions, he is showing his best side.

As Patrushev noted, one can note the development in such areas as animal husbandry, fisheries and the processing industry.

One of the main indicators of the agricultural sector as a whole is the high food security of the country.

Patrushev noted that in this regard there are no problems with regard to grain, sugar and meat.

The production of vegetables and potatoes is also at a fairly high level, which makes it possible to assume that in the near future Russia will also switch to full self-sufficiency in these crops.

Not only production is developing, but also export.

The Minister noted another significant achievement: today 87% of Russian exports are already going to friendly countries, and the demand for Russian products is growing.

At the next stage, it will be important to develop new territories, in particular, the development of ports in Berdyansk and Mariupol, Patrushev said.