Russia will actively develop drones for agriculture

At present, the government has already developed an appropriate program that will determine the development of the industry until 2030-2035.

The strategy for the development of civil unmanned aviation in the country was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

One of the most important components of the new program will be the training of specialists.

As Maxim Chizhov, General Director of Agrimax Aero, noted, it is planned that in the near future as many as 256 educational institutions in Russia will begin to train personnel who will specialize in the control of civilian drones.

In general, there is a lot of work in this area.

Mishustin noted that it is required to create a practically new industry in the Russian Federation, and in many respects “from scratch”.

It will require both the development and production of Russian drones, and for this we cannot do without domestic materials and components.

However, the drone itself is far from everything; programs are needed that will control it, as well as collect and process information that comes from the aircraft.

Therefore, software development can become perhaps the most important component in creating an unmanned aircraft industry.

How will unmanned aircraft help in agriculture?


There are different opinions on this matter.

For example, Dmitry Peskov, Special Representative of the President for Digital and Technological Development, is sure that thanks to this, it is possible to increase the harvest by 50% by monitoring the condition of crops.

There are even more optimistic forecasts: First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov believes that with the help of unmanned technologies, it is possible to increase the harvest even by 5-6 times.

True, there are also restrained assessments.

A number of experts believe that in large companies, for example, agricultural holdings, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles is unlikely to be more effective, since there are very significant distances, and a lot of work, a lot of UAVs and operators will be required to collect all the necessary information.

At the same time, it is obvious that this technology is the future, and in any case it should be actively developed, even if at this stage its implementation in specific areas does not look promising, experts say.

In addition to agriculture, the use of drones can bring many benefits in other areas.

In particular, we are talking about construction and construction control, mapping and various bases where geolocation is used, as well as the delivery of goods.