Agricultural production has decreased in Russia

In 2023, agricultural production in Russia fell by 0.3%. For comparison: in the previous year 2022 it grew by 11.3%.

In general, agricultural production showed a decline in 2023. At the same time, crop production fell by 1.1%, but livestock production increased by 0.9%.

This trend is also noticeable if we consider agricultural products in financial terms.

For example, 9% less crop production was produced in 2023 than in 2022: 8.34 trillion rubles instead of 8.56 trillion.

At the same time, livestock production increased by 6%, to 3.83 trillion rubles.

How are things going with different crops?


Rosstat provides detailed data on what the harvest was like last year.

For example, 142.6 million tons of grain were collected. This is 9.5% less than in 2022. But here it is worth considering that 2022 was a record year.

In general, when compared with the 5-year average, the grain harvest in 2023 is approximately 10% higher.

At the same time, new records were even set for individual crops. For example, the sunflower harvest reached 16.7 million tons, soybean – 6.7 million tons.

Also in 2023, we are seeing an 8.7% increase in the potato harvest. The final volume collected was approximately 20.5 million tons.

As for the production of vegetables, it also increased, although not very significantly: by 1.3%, to 13.8 million tons.

There are also crops for which 2023 was less productive than the previous year. For example, 4.2 million tons of rapeseed were harvested last year, while the year before – 4.5 million tons.

What is happening in the livestock sector?


Here we mainly see positive dynamics. Livestock and poultry production increased by 2.4% to 12.7 million tons.

We see similar trends in egg production: it increased by 1.8%, the final volume of egg collection for 2023 is at the level of 28 billion pieces.

Finally, milk production also shows good dynamics: it increased by 5.6%, ultimately amounting to about 20 million tons.

What are your plans for the future?


It is planned that the 2024 harvest should be at least no worse than the 2023 result.

“The area of winter crops for the 2024 harvest amounted to 20 million hectares, which is one million hectares more than a year earlier.

Before going into winter, 96% of the crops were in good and satisfactory condition, which is the same as last year.

One of the key current tasks for today is high-quality preparation for the sowing season,” noted the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev.

He also noted that at the end of last year, revenue from the sale of agricultural products abroad reached $45 billion for the first time.