Russian farmers will receive additional support

The Russian authorities plan to allocate up to 20 billion rubles to support agricultural producers.

The sowing season is currently beginning in the country. In this regard, every effort must be made to ensure that Russian farmers have everything they need during this period.

To achieve this goal, the government decided to allocate additional funds. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated this. According to him, the volume of additional financing will amount to 20 billion rubles.

In particular, it is planned that with these funds farmers will be able to purchase what they most need for a successful sowing campaign, including agricultural machinery, fuel, fertilizers and seeds.

At the same time, Mishustin emphasized that, in general, work to develop agriculture and support farmers is being carried out systematically, and such an instrument as preferential loans plays an important role in this.

How is the seeding campaign going in Russia in 2024?


According to the assessment of the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev, at present it has already begun and is proceeding without failures.

In this regard, there is every reason to expect that this year the country will be able to achieve record harvests comparable to the results of previous years.

Thus, nothing threatens the country’s food security; in addition, there will be great potential to ensure exports.

“It is very important, as in previous years, to ensure high harvests, which is a priority for our citizens, so that they have access to quality domestic products, as well as to expand our export capabilities, as demonstrated last year,” he said Mishustin.

Currently, spring crops have already been sown on an area of about 1 million hectares, which is twice as much as on the same date a year ago. For this reason, we can say that the sowing campaign is currently going very well.

“This year, spring field work started in the second ten days of February, first in the south and North Caucasus, and then in 23 regions,” Patrushev noted.

He also added that in general it is planned that this year the total sown area will be about 84.5 million hectares, which is approximately 300 thousand hectares more than in the previous season.

At the same time, an important issue that the government must work on is the provision of farmers with high-quality seeds of domestic production.

Although at the moment the required volume of seeds has already been prepared, not all of them are of Russian origin, so there is a long and very important work ahead on import substitution.