On April 7, 2021, the II Agrological Conference «GrainLogistics: New Epoch» was held

TBI Group of Companies traditionally became a sponsor of the event.

On its site, the Russian Grain Union, with the support of the Russian Export Center, brought together heads of leading railway holdings and major ports, grain processing and storage enterprises, infrastructure organizations and transport logistics.

The problem of logistics in the agro-industrial complex has always been significant for Russian farmers — the conference participants spoke about this again and again.

All sessions were held in a working and, at the same time, very relaxed atmosphere.

Participants asked questions to speakers, received direct answers and discussed.

The RCS provided an opportunity to discuss the really hot topics of the current season:

Grain logistics and COVID : the results of 2020, where is the “slowdown and dead ends” occurring?

State strategy and tactics for the development of grain logistics and transport regulation.

Freight rates — finding a balance of interests between the shipper and the carrier .

New opportunities for agricultural logistics within the framework of the integration of Eurasian transport corridors and the development of a network of agricultural hubs.

Priority directions for the development of inland waterways of the Russian Federation, measures to stimulate and support cargo transportation along the inland waterways of the country;

Actual problems of shipowners;

Limited port infrastructure problems and solutions;

Competition in the logistics services market. Railroad transportation — where and where it goes from, tariff policy, new opportunities.

Road transport VS railway — who wins in the competition for cargo? River transport — opportunities and new solutions.

Containerization of grains and oilseeds — where is the niche in supply logistics.

Freight rates — expectations and opportunities. Why does a trader need a freight broker?

New transport solutions for grain transportation. Evaluation of their effectiveness.

Is there a life for road carriers after the Transhipment Memorandum?


Within the framework of the IV session «Digital — the birth of a new ecosystem or a tribute to fashion?» TBI GC presented its analytical system Logistic OS.

We showed how our project works online: at the current time, directly in the application. At the time of our presentation, all conference participants became real users of the project, which was really interesting.

The conference provided an opportunity to meet with old partners, meet new ones, and discuss pressing issues.